Northbrook Woman's Club Membership

The Northbrook Woman’s Club enthusiastically welcomes new members! Prior to applying for membership, we encourage potential members to experience the club through a variety of activities, such as a General Meeting, Luncheon, Community Service Project, Special Event and/or a philanthropic event, such as our annual Benefit.

The first step toward membership is to identify two current NWC/F members as “Sponsor” and “Endorser”. Both the Sponsor and Endorser must have known the candidate for a minimum of six months. They can help the candidate identify events to attend, make sure RSVP deadlines are met and introduce the candidate to other members. If the candidate does not already have a Sponsor and Endorser, the Membership Committee will assist the candidate.

 A potential member is required to attend three (3) NWC/F events as a guest within the twelve (12) month period prior to applying for membership. At least one of these events must be a general meeting or luncheon. Applications must be submitted by the Saturday following the general meeting in April for consideration for the following fiscal year. All New Members are expected to attend an Orientation meeting in April and the Members Only Luncheon in May.

 Once a candidate has officially joined the NWC/F, the following annual commitments are expected as an “Active” member:

  • Participate in a Community Service project
  • Serve on one NWC/F Committee
  • Pay annual membership dues
  • Financially support the annual Ways & Means Committees
  • Serve on a Ways & Means Committee once in the first 3 years of membership and a total of three times in 15 years

 Additionally as a “New” member (required in 1st year only):

  • Pay the Club’s initiation fee
  • Attend four (4) general meetings/ luncheons
  • Participate in a new member service project

The application period for the class of 2024-2025 is now closed. Please Contact Us for more information.